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Justice Vs. Inequality

Justice Vs. Inequality

The only fact that humans are automatically outraged by injustice is in itself proof enough that communities need justice and equity to prevail. Conflicts happen when a transaction or exchange, for example, is judged unfair by one or some of those who took part in it. Justice must be loyal to its image of perfect balance and be fair

The difference between law and justice


Many could think that justice comes simply by obeying the law. If that was the case, and considering the universal aspect of the notion of justice, laws should not change from country to country. Since they do, it only means that they are not the same as pure justice. Some of them look unfair, and sometimes, applying some rules seems in itself unfair, more on

Laws and Fairness


It is true that laws have different drawbacks, such as the fact that they limit and bind the citizens. However, they also protect them from miscellaneous potential dangers. Platoon said : “A government may be fair without having to apply any law, if it is able to proceed to the distribution of goods and honors while taking into consideration the singularity of every individual”.

The lawyer's job

The lawyer has basically during any judicial procedure, a double mission and assistance vis-à-vis its customers representation.

The lawyer is first in charge of legal assistance mission as a technician of law, it can provide consultations on various objects, even outside of any dispute. It can thus be consulted on the drafting of statutes or contracts, precisely in order to counter the possibility of costly litigation. If since a 1990 reform, the legal advice is not entirely free, the lawyer does not have as long a monopoly in this informal advisory function, more on

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