Is beauty an advantage or a handicap at work ?


Far from the deserved cliché of the beautiful woman who gets a job, not for her competences, but for her beauty, she may also be fired for being too attractive. And no, this is not a joke.

She got fired because she was too beautiful

This incredible story happened in Iowa. Actually this case shows how uncommon and unprecedented situations can rarely be favorable to the victims. In fact, the Supreme Court of Iowa gave a new ruling to a very particular case. Then, it took it back and stated it once again after further analysis. The case concerns a dentist who fired his female assistant because he thought she was extremely beautiful. To justify his doing, he claimed that he started to think about her and that the temptation that he felt became too strong; to a point where he started fearing for his marriage. The Supreme Court’s decision was favorable, judging that the case was more related to feelings than to sex discrimination (in which case it would have been problematic for the dentist).

The Supreme Court’s final decision

In the end, the court has finally decided to follow the judgment of the trial judge who rejected the attempt of pursuit against the dentist for firing the assistant considering the fact that he did not deny the fact that he was quite satisfied with her performance during over 10 years of collaboration. The court and the trial judge, however, failed to link the contract termination to gender as it was related to a feeling issue. That, particularly, considering the fact that the person who took her place was also a woman.

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