2014 : Data processing and telecommunication employment


After some difficult months, the employment of computer scientists seems to finally show some positive signs, since more than 85 % of the existing enterprises that are related to that field are seriously considering recruiting, at least, one employee in the second trimester 2014, which means that will make a growth of 3 points compared to the last year (2013). The amount of recruitments realized in the data processing and telecommunication fields during the 1st trimester is also superior to the amount of recruitments cumulated during the same period of the last year

Data processing recruitment : 2014 compared to 2013

The recruitments in the activity field of data processing and telecommunication for the first trimester in 2014 are well balanced compared to the results of the last year at the same period. That is what we may find out from the trimestral conjuncture note that was published by the APEC that shows actually that the field is favorable at more than 88 % and the companies are planning to recruit even more, during, and after that period. When it comes to the effectuated recruitments, the data processing field is still the best oriented. In fact, more than half the enterprises that were tested declared that their recruitments are now even more frequent than the last year during the same period, and that they accept even more people to join their teams. In other words, this means that in 2014, at least 24 points are being added to the first trimester of 2013.

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