Conditions of work for the foreign lawyers


Foreign lawyers that are admitted in the State’s court may work in their original entitlement as well as the local law. Those among them who are not admitted are bound to work in their original entitlement.

Continuous training and other obligations

A/ Parisian lawyers, for example, who are admitted in the court of the State have to follow a certain number of hours of continuous training called CLE, and renew their license every two years.

Those who have conserved their submission in the Parisian court must normally conform to the obligations of that court in addition to those of the new one.

However, it is possible to realize that only the training of CLE is to be considered as the accomplishment of the French continuous training as a mutual recognition of the hours of training with other States.

B/ The Parisian lawyers who work in the United States that are not admitted in the court of the concerned State must conform to the obligations of the continuous training of the Parisian court they have followed.

However, it is possible for the lawyer to reach these goals and do his hours of training in a foreign country thanks to the mutual recognition that steams out of the collaboration with other countries.

It is important to keep in mind that these two hypotheses are only possible under the reserve of the agreement of the Bar Council which has the power to tell if the lawyer has correctly finished his obligations in the continuous training. Before choosing the training that he will follow, the lawyer has to first make sure that the development is conform to the different terms that were declared by the French ordinal instances.

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