An enterprise restructuration : The mistakes to avoid


With the international economic crisis, many enterprises have witnessed a significant drop in the cadence of their activities. For some of them, a restructuration plan became essential for the survival of the firm itself. In fact, as much difficult it is, the restructuration is still the best alternative for the enterprises’ leaders in order to avoid unnecessary losses. So, it is necessary for the company’s chief to know how to do it properly and try, as much as possible, to deal with the different problems the firm may face. At that point, inexperienced leaders make five mistakes that can cost them a lot and make the whole operation even more complex, and sometimes almost impossible to manage.

The 5 big mistakes that happen during the restructuration of a company

Delaying the restructuration

It is well known that the restructuration is a fastidious task that usually paralyzes the employers and frightens the employees. Nonetheless, even if we keep it as a last resort, we should not wait too long. After all, if all the conditions are met, such as a drastic drop into the company’s economic status, and that the situation does not seem to be changing at any point, the manager must take the initiative, and start applying the restructuration plan before reaching the critical point. Be sure that the longer he waits, the harder it will become for him to find the solutions and to apply the plan.

Starting the restructuration process

If the restructuration requires an important decrease in the social charges and some other important measures, it is not simply a matter of reducing the number of employees anyhow. In fact, the main goal of the restructuration is to reorganize the enterprise; if the company can fire lesser employees while starting to generate benefits and meeting the market needs at the same time, then, why not?! But to do so, it is essential to revitalize the company.

Other mistakes that are as much important should be avoided in order to realize a good restructuration of the company.

Being unable to define the perfect timing for every step of the restructuration

Since it is applied as an emergency, the restructuration is supposed to be done quickly. But if you have to lose a couple of days at the beginning to make a better time schedule then be sure that it is totally worth it. The importance of the timing is related to the gravity of the situation. Besides that, the application of these measures shall be fast as well.

The lack of communication with the employees

This is also a common mistake that employers tend to commit. They hide the truth from their employees and then find themselves forced to surprise them with such a procedure. They often do not understand its necessity and end up causing even more trouble since they will, for sure, feel as if they were left aside or even worse, like betrayed.

To neglect the action plan of the enterprise’s restructuration

The restructuration plan is not made to stay on the paper. And defining the timing that is supposed to be respected is not enough. The manager has to ensure that the plan is being perfectly followed and make sure that the required conditions to do so are available.

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