The restructuration of the company’s operational area


Besides the intelligence department restructuration, there is also the restructuration of the operational area that needs next to be done. By making a system that allows the two companies to share the same amount of Intel and information, with a good restructuration program, it is possible to diminish the total expenses of the two firms that merged together while freeing other resources for new projects that will help them acquire a bigger market share.

Do not forget that the two enterprises are supposed to have one hundred employees amongst whom we find ten computer scientists. The management team realizes that with the application of such a restructuration, they cannot hope for a different improvement other than the one on the Intel area. Moreover, the working charge on the employees stays the same, even with the automation of some tasks that required more personnel. In the end, we can note only the amelioration in the quality of the shared information.

The two firms (which working core is the same : accounting) have different activities such as the counting of the accounting documents, the writing of the general ledger as well as the reporting, and the general advising of the clients.

The management team knows that every employee has his own list of clients and has to deal with the full request of his client. Between the call of the clients and his administrative work, an employer can sometimes not even work 15 minutes without being interrupted by another call. The team decides then to reorganize the structure depending on the activities.

Here are some actions that can be done during the restructuration of the new larger company that came after the two firms have merged together :

The direction can offer new services such as : a new European accounting department, a new accounting department that is specialized in the French accounting specificities, a new accounting department that is specialized in Finnish accounting specificities, a reporting and control department, a department of juridical and commercial advising, and a department of data processing services.

The company's internal process

The French and Finnish Departments will recover the accounting pieces of the clients and then, transfer them to the European Department for the counting, and treat it according to the European norms.

The European Department returns the accounting to both the departments of France and Finland for a first control and conclusions to the national specificities.

At the end of every month, the accounting of the two departments of France and Finland is sent to the last department that will establish the required accounts that are required for the second control.

Even if they sometimes do, these three departments no longer have a direct contact with the clients. They are consequently free from realizing administrative tasks that would interrupt their principal activity.

Only the Juridical Department is the only department that may answer the calls and e-mails while developing the commercial activities of the company such as : dealing with the new clients, managing and marketing etc…

Of course, it is obvious that the restructuration does not stop there, and new processes may be created or updated every day, like, for instance, updating the electronic management of the folders in order to diminish the cost of the client’s management when compared to the income that comes out of it.

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