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One of the biggest reasons for hiring new employees is the retirement of old ones, commonly known as turn-overs. However, in the case of computer scientists, it only represents a bit more than 12 % of the total enterprises’ field, which are motivated by the promotion of their activity In the first place. That activity represents 82 % of the whole field. Concerning the available positions, 24 % of the companies that are considering hiring new employees in the second trimester of 2014 are going to recruit computer scientists.

Recruitments of the first semester of 2014

In the first semester of the year 2014, the demands concerning data processing that actually represent a quarter of the full announcements that are made to the APEC, keep their normal average of the last trimester while showing a descent growth of around 2 %. The only significant progressions are to be considered on the number of officials that has grown with more than 30 %, and data processing direction that has marked a growth of more than 24 %. On the other hand, however, the demands concerning the industrial data processing are still less than 26 %. Concerning the applications, data processing is still the function that attracts the smallest number of applicants in this trimester with an average circulating around 28 postulations. The APEC emphasizes the fact that recruitments in that function stay the most difficult according to the enterprises. At any rate, the drop of the feeling of tension is pronounced, and they are 73 % to consider that it is really difficult to find adapted applications, while a year later, they were 81 %. The positions that are in exploitation and data processing maintenance are especially hard to promote, since the potential applications are pretty much demanded.

Methodology of recruitment research

The trimestral barometer of recruitment allows us to know the exact evolution of the recruitment process through different interrogations of a set of 750 companies. Every firm has more than 100 employees that are considered to be representatives of the private field. The balance sheet of employments offers concerns mainly the destination announces of the entrusted employees to the APEC during the last semester. Finally, to establish its follow up surveys of the offers and the tensions, 1 582 companies and recruitment offices that have entrusted the APEC with an offer in the 3rd trimester of 2013 were interrogated in January 2014 on the possible recruitment that is related to an offer, and when the time comes, on the encountered problems.

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